Causality books

We have published several books on Causality in the series "Challenges in Machine Learning" of Microtome.

Causation and Prediction Challenge: Challenges in Machine Learning, volume 2 [Free PDF]

Isabelle Guyon, Constantin Aliferis, Greg Cooper, Andre Elisseeff, Jean-Philippe Pellet, Peter Spirtes, and

Alexander Statnikov (Eds.) 2010.

Causality: Objectives and Assessment, volume 4 [Free PDF]

Isabelle Guyon, Dominik Janzing, and Bernhard Scholkopf (Eds.) 2011

Causality in Time Series, volume 5 [Free PDF]

Florin Popescu and Isabelle Guyon (Eds.) 2013

Advances in Causal Structure Learning, volume 8 [Free PDF]

Constantin Aliferis, Gregory Cooper, Andre Elisseeff, Isabelle Guyon, and Peter Spirtes (Eds.) 2014